Oh So Play

Oh So Play was started with the idea that there was a very limited choice of indoor Climbing solutions for kids from 6 months to 5 Years.

We wanted to allow our kids to explore their creativity and movement of their bodies without the restrictions of being indoors or lacking Climbing equipment.

A Child’s world of wonder and exploration is a passion. From Pikler’s to climbing walls, swings, and tents. We have no limit to what our imagination can bring.

Supporting their natural gross motor development, the climbing frame with slides to help with, concentration, sense of achievement, self-confidence, and autonomy. A wonderful addition to any home, Montessori toys, or playschool, or paediatric practice.

Oh So Play is proudly South African and handcrafted in our workshop. Each piece of wood is hand-selected.

Let the world of wonder, imagination, and exploration Begin…

It can be introduced at 6 months old and generally can be expected to be used up until age 5.

Around 6 months of age, babies can use the rungs of the Pikler triangle to pull up and stand. As they develop, children begin exploring the structure by climbing partway up then back down (around 1-2 years of age). Older children (around 4-5 years of age) typically “master” the Pikler triangle and can climb all to the top and climb over and down the other side.

Though the Pikler triangle is optimal for 6-month-olds to 5-year-olds, it can still be useful for those outside this age range. For instance, babies could lay under the Pikler triangle with toys hanging from the rungs, similar to a play gym. Older children will likely find creative uses for the Pikler triangle, such as forts, puppet shows, or other open-ended play.

 All our paints  and Sealants are non toxic, we do not seal with Resin based products . 

All our Pikler Triangles are proudly Made in South Africa! 

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