Oh So Play

Payment Policy

  • The prices quoted on Oh So Play are valid in South Africa only and exclude all delivery costs
  • Once payment is made, will the manufacturing process being on your order
  • Manufacturing time is between 14 – 30 days from date of payment as each order is custom made
  • Products will only be delivered when full payment is received.


General Terms and Conditions

  • Please make sure that you understand the size and dimensions of the product before placing an order.
  • We endeavour to comply 100% to the South African Consumer Act. Should any problem arise, please communicate with us immediately. 
  • Our products are subject to wear and tear as they are an indoor play gym. If you experience in issues with our products, kindly contact us immediately for assistance
  • We use only natural wood and is subject to imperfections in the finish product, but in no way does it affect the overall structural integrity of our products. Natural imperfections do not constitute a warranty claim


Refunds and Returns / Exchanges and Warranty

  • Any problems need to be brought to our attention within 5 business days of delivery. If this is not done, we will assume you are happy with the product. 
  • In the case of a factory defect, as indicated by our warranty we will repair the product or replace it if a repair is not possible
  • Our products carry a warranty of one (1) from date of delivery on our frames and workmanship. If product is altered in any way, the warranty is voided. 
  • Should a defect occur, we will gladly repair the defect to original manufacturing standards.
  • Please note that a change of heart, “buyers remorse” or simply “not liking” the products is not a valid reason to request a refund.
  • Please note that we reserve the right to properly inspect and make informed conclusions regarding products that buyers “allege” are defective.
    • If we conclude that the defect is as a result of misuse, abuse, neglect or normal wear/tear, then said product may attract a charge to the buyer.
    • If however it is a genuine, bona-fide manufacturing or factory defect, we will repair/replace it at our cost
  • Retain your proof of purchase

Conditions of Use

  • Please do not leave your Oh So Play products outside as they can be affected by the weather can may expand and contract due to heat, cold, rain and other weather-related events and may cause weakness in the frame. Oh So Play is not responsible for the wear and use of this product.
  • The products must be inspected at delivery for any potential defect in manufacturing. Any defect that may arise is covered under our one (1) year warranty
  • Any misuse of our product voids the warranty. E. left outside in bad weather, used by an adult (excess weight) and not used for its original intended purposes as an indoor play gym.
  • Please ensure that you read through the care instructions to ensure that product maintains its structure integrity and beautiful finish.
  • We use only natural wood and is subject to imperfections in the finish product, but in no way does it affect the overall structural integrity of our products
  • Oh So Play (PTY)ltd. Required that our products are always used under adult supervision.
  • Use the product at your own risk. Due to the nature of the product Oh So Play is not responsible for any injury caused during the use of the products.

Delivery of Product

  • It is up to you as they client to inspect our products to ensure they meet the requirements of the original order
  • By accepting the goods, you deem to accept that they meet the quality and standards of Oh So Play.
    • That they are of good quality, free of defects and in good working order, and Will be durable and usable for a reasonable period of time.
  • Please note due to the natural imperfections in wood we see as beautiful, no two products are identical.
  • Our products are deemed suitable for the purpose that they are intended to be used for please use product at your own risk. Oh So Play is not responsible for any injury or death through using this product.
  • This Product requires adult supervision at all times.
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