Oh So Play

Medium Half moon & Small Slide & Ladder

This is super for your climber, has multiple angles to be challenged by adding adventure.

think about your child’s everyday activities like climbing up the stairs, walking along a curb, or stepping over some rocks by a stream: These seemingly safe events would be dangerous for a child without a strong sense of balance, limits, confidence, and understanding of their own movement — and that’s what the Pikler triangle aims to increase.

Plus, as with all types of open-ended play, Pikler triangles also boost creativity and imagination — the possibilities are truly endless. A longtime staple in Montessori and Waldorf classrooms, climbing triangles are now becoming a playroom (or living room!) essential that offers a safe, fun, and beneficial play space that’s also affordable, convenient, and compact.

All our products are hand made and proudly South African

Colours may vary from the picture.



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