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Medium Pikler with large slide and small half-moon


Medium Pikler with large slide and small half-moon


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Medium Pikler with a large slide and small half-moon

Benefits of Pikler Triangle and Half-moon Rockers

What are the benefits of a Pikler triangle?

To put it simply, Pikler triangles teach babies and kids how to move — how to stand and step, at first, but then how to balance, climb, reach, pull, and fall. Children begin to understand their own strengths and abilities and gain better control of their movement. They learn about balance, coordination, and consequences. (You can look forward to a very proud parenting moment when your child starts to slip —  but then catches themselves.) All of these physical and mental skills lead to increased confidence.

Dr. Pikler’s work was rooted in the understanding that children who are allowed to move freely and without restriction are more careful and better able to maneuver themselves (and even fall) safely. On the other hand, children whose movements are restricted are put in more real-world danger because they have not mastered (or even experienced) their own capacities and limits.

For example, think about your child’s everyday activities like climbing up the stairs, walking along a curb, or stepping over some rocks by a stream: These seemingly safe events would be dangerous for a child without a strong sense of balance, limits, confidence, and understanding of their movement — and that’s what the Pikler triangle aims to increase.

Plus, as with all types of open-ended play, Pikler triangles also boost creativity and imagination — the possibilities are truly endless. A longtime staple in Montessori and Waldorf classrooms, climbing triangles are now becoming a playroom (or living room!) essential that offers a safe, fun, and beneficial play space that’s also affordable, convenient, and compact.

What’s important to know when using a Pikler triangle?

Pikler triangles are considered safe when used under close adult supervision. (Read: Do not leave your child unattended while using a Pikler triangle.) It’s important to give your child some space to feel autonomous and independent during play, while also being close enough to deter any major falls from occurring.

You’ll want to place the climbing triangle on a soft surface — opt for carpet when possible, and increase the padding with a child play mat or floor cushion. If your Pikler triangle is approved for outdoor use, soft grass makes a great play spot. (Plus, kids will enjoy added sensory benefits from the fresh air and feel of grass on their bare feet, which stimulates neural pathways, promotes posture, increases endorphins, and boosts connection to nature.)

Oh So Play is proudly South African, Our Pikler’s triangle sets are made out of only premium materials.


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