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Small Pikler with Large Slide

Small Pikler with Large Slide


Small Pikler with Large Slide

The Pikler Triangle by Oh So Play is made out of magnificent birch and then painted in colors made by me to give a creative and beautiful style to each piece. The pickler is a creation by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler, is not just a fun climbing structure; it’s a fantastic tool for children’s overall development. Let’s explore why this simple triangle is a favorite among parents and educators alike.

  1. Physical Fun: Climbing and Moving

Kids love climbing, and the Pikler Triangle is the perfect way for them to enjoy it. Climbing builds strength, balance, and motor skills. It’s like a mini adventure every time they conquer the triangle.

  1. Space Exploration: Learning About Distance

As children climb, they learn about space and distance. This is super important for daily tasks and helps them understand how things fit together in their surroundings.

  1. Problem-Solving: Figuring It Out

The Pikler Triangle presents a puzzle for kids to solve – where to put hands and feet, how to reach the top. This helps them become better problem solvers, making decisions and adapting their approach.

  1. Boosting Confidence: Feeling Accomplished

Every successful climb boosts a child’s confidence. It’s not just about physical achievement; it’s also about managing fears and emotions. The Pikler Triangle becomes a safe place for building resilience.

  1. Friendship Hub: Playing Together

While it’s a great individual play structure, the Pikler Triangle also brings kids together. Whether they’re sharing their climbing triumphs or cheering each other on, it’s a space for social learning.

  1. Imagination Station: More Than Just Climbing

Beyond climbing, the Pikler Triangle becomes a canvas for the imagination. It can transform into a castle, a spaceship, or anything kids dream up. This imaginative play helps develop creativity and storytelling skills.


The oh-so-play Pikler Triangle isn’t just a piece of play equipment – it’s a tool that makes learning an adventure. Every climb is a step toward physical and emotional growth. So, let the Pikler Triangle be the doorway to a world where fun and learning go hand in hand.

mom have a relax and watch your little one explore and enjoy some free play time.

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